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Are African Bullfrogs Poisonous? [Everything to Know About Them]

Are African Bullfrogs Poisonous

African Bullfrogs are known for their large size and colorful skin. They share a similar DNA with the American Bullfrog, which produces venom as part of their defense mechanism against their prey. 

So, are African Bullfrogs poisonous, too? No, the African Bullfrog is not poisonous because they do not secrete any poison from the glands under their skin. But their skin produces a toxin to prevent animals from eating them. This toxin is not harmful to humans.

So, if you are looking to get one of these as your next pet, join me. I will explain if they are safe to do so right in this article.

Are African Bullfrogs Poisonous For Humans?

Are African Bullfrogs Poisonous For Humans

African Bullfrogs are not poisonous. The parotid glands near their ears do not secrete any harmful toxins. The skin produces a liquid but that is not harmful to humans.

This is very different from the American Bullfrog. They produce toxins from glands, which are harmful to humans. It is poisonous enough to kill their predators who try to ingest them.

The Truth about African Bullfrog Toxicity

A common misconception among people is that the African Bullfrog is toxic. This stems from the fact that certain species of frogs produce highly toxic chemicals. 

Bufo and Cane Toads are two species that are known to secrete alkaloids, such as Bufontenin and Bufotoxin. They are poisonous and can affect the nervous system and the heart.

African Bullfrog Toxicity

Instead, the African Bullfrogs produce liquids that keep their skin moist. Plus, it also helps the frog protect itself against predators. The liquid induces a foul taste. So, if a prey tries to swallow the frog, its smell would repulse them from eating it.

So, the African Bullfrog may not be toxic to humans, but as a safety precaution, use gloves when handling them. Use soaps to wash away any bacterial residue from your hands every time.

Is The Bite Of An African Bullfrog Dangerous?

An African Bullfrog bite is not dangerous in the sense that no poison or venom is coming from its mouth. But the bite is strong enough to cut through the skin and start bleeding.

The African Bullfrogs have sharp teeth and strong jaws. When they clasp their prey in their mouth, the jaws can exert 50 Newtons of force. That is strong enough to pierce the skin of the prey and kill them.

If they bite you, that can be very painful. They have a strong jaw that can make a deep cut. Take care when you are near them. If it is necessary to hold a Bullfrog, keep your hands away from their mouth and quickly transfer them.

Are African Bullfrogs Poisonous For Pets?

No, African Bullfrogs are not poisonous to pets. The liquid on their skin is not a toxin. So, even if your cat or dog bites them, they will not be affected.

But this does not mean you keep the frogs and cats nearby. As curious creatures, cats will make their way to the frog’s enclosure. The frog’s bite can harm the cat and vice versa. It’s better to keep them away from each other; that way, both will be safe.

Are African Bullfrogs Poisonous For Pets

Related Questions

Now you know if Bullfrogs are poisonous or not. This section attempts to answer any further related queries.

African Bullfrog is not poisonous
Q. Are African bullfrogs aggressive to humans?

African Bullfrogs can be aggressive if they find the interaction with humans intimidating. They are highly territorial and will attack someone when they feel threatened.

Q. Can you touch African bullfrogs?

Yes, it is safe to touch African Bullfrogs. Their skin does not contain any poison or venom. But make sure to clean your hands after handling them.

Q. Do African Bullfrogs Produce Venom?

The African Bullfrog does not produce any venom. They are very different from the Cane Toad or the poison dart frog. Such frogs are known to produce venom from their glands.


Sometimes, it can be hard to resist the urge to pet your frog. But that is not a good idea for an African Bullfrog. Even though they are not poisonous, they can bite you, which can be really painful.

So, those looking to get an African Bullfrog as their next pet can safely get one of these. They look magnificent and are usually easy to take care of. Just keep your hands away from their mouths. That way, you will be safe, and the frog will live in harmony.

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