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Do African Dwarf Frogs Make Noise? A Complete Guide 

Do African Dwarf Frogs Make Noise

African dwarf frogs are amazing aquatic pets. However, despite being aquatic animals, they still can’t breathe underwater and need to come to the water’s surface for air. That brings up the question of whether they communicate by making noises or not.

So, do African dwarf frogs make noise? Simply put, yes, they make noises. This is usually done for mating purposes, for communication, or when they’re under stress. However, not all noises made are similar. It may vary depending on the circumstances your frog is in.

Keep reading as we tell you about the reasons behind the noises they make. Additionally, we will tell you about the types of noises these frogs make and how to deal with them.

Do African Dwarf Frogs Make Noise? 

Yes, they do make noises. However, they’re not as loud as other types of frogs. While each frog might have unique vocalization, they have somewhat similar reasons behind their vocalization. 

Do African Dwarf Frogs Make Noise

There are typically 4 main reasons as to why these frogs make noise. These are as follows. 

Mating calls

This kind of noise is usually done by the male frogs. During mating seasons, they will make such noises to attract the female frogs. Sometimes, the female frogs may make noises to reciprocate their partner’s call, but it is usually the male frogs that make the noises. 

Noises when in distress

When these frogs sense any danger or discomfort, they tend to make noises. This can be considered a defense mechanism or even a cry for help. This usually alerts the owner to help their pets.

Noises to communicate

Communication is very important for their survival. A lot of frogs communicate by making noises. This happens more at night or if their aquarium lacks proper lighting. 

African Dwarf Frogs Make Noise

Noises made during feeding

This is very rare, but some of the frogs tend to make very vague noises during feeding. 

Note that not all frogs will make the same noises under the same circumstances. The dense aquariums can mask the majority of noises they make. Keep reading as we tell you about the types of noises these frogs make under standard conditions. 

See the video below an African Dwarf frog is making a sound. 

What Type Of Noises Do African Dwarf Frogs Make? 

As previously mentioned, the noise your frog makes may not be entirely identical to what we’re describing. However, this is a general description to help you identify what your pet is saying. 

During mating seasons, you will hear a buzzing sound. It almost feels musical to a lot of frog owners. This type of noise is rhythmic and soothing to the ear. It helps to create a warm and welcoming environment for the frogs. 

When they sense danger, these frogs tend to make a sharp, high-pitched noise. This type of noise is usually quite alarming and annoying, too. During feeding, they make smacking and chewing noises, but these noises aren’t very frequent. 

Do African Dwarf Frogs Sing? 

Do African Dwarf Frogs Sing

Yes, they do sing. Unlike lots of animals, frogs have vocal sacs as well as vocal cords. So when air enters their lungs, their vocal cords vibrate, producing a sound. The sound is then amplified at their vocal sacs, resulting in what we hear as music. 

This music is used as a mating call. A group of male frogs will gather around in a breeding spot and sing a chorus. Their music sounds somewhat rattling.  Sometimes, it might sound like a calm humming noise or even a chirping noise. 

Singing helps the female frogs select their partners, as males often compete against each other. Besides, sometimes, these frogs sing simply because they are happy. They use singing as a method to express their happiness or excitement. 

Your pet frog might sing at any time of the day, but out in the wild, this happens more when it rains. This is because rain provides them with convenient breeding conditions

Here is a video of  African dwarf frogs singing and mating: 

Can Humans Hear African Dwarf Frogs Noises? 

A benefit of owning such frogs is that they make subtle, soothing noises, unlike most frogs. The frequency of these noises is usually around 1000Hz. While it fits within the human audible range, sounds of such low frequency aren’t entirely audible.

You will need a quiet background, and some even recommend using specialized equipment for this. Remove any background noises to the soft humming sound your frog makes. Turn off your TV, AC, or fan, and any loud appliances you have running on. Then, sit silently in the frog’s aquarium. 

Can Humans Hear African Dwarf Frogs Noises

Try doing this more at night, as this is when they’re the most active. 

While their high-pitched noise when stressed might be a little louder, you still need a quiet environment to hear it. This is because not only do these frogs make very vague noise, but the noise also gets concealed underwater. 

Nevertheless, some owners can listen to the frog without a silent background. Rarely will some of them be loud enough for you to be able to do so. In such cases, it will sound a little like crickets.

Should You Be Concerned For Your Frog That Is Making Noise?

Needless to say, this depends on the type of noise your frog is making. You need to identify what the noise sounds like. So, be calm and observe your frog silently and patiently. 

If your frog is producing mating calls or singing, there is nothing to be concerned about. This is an indication of a happy, healthy, and active frog. However, if your frog makes noises that resemble our description of noises made under stress, it’s a sign that your frog isn’t well. 

Should You Be Concerned For Your Frog That Is Making Noise

However, before jumping to any conclusion, you need to be sure about the noise your frog is making. Since these frogs make very vague noises, you can easily misidentify them. 

How To Deal With African Dwarf Frogs Making Noise?  

It’s important to correctly deal with your frog in such cases to ensure its safety. If your frog is making the mating call, you need to decide if you want more frogs and prepare for it accordingly. Also, you need to ensure its well-being. Contact a vet if necessary. 

For frogs in distress, you need to rearrange their environment. Tidy up the aquarium and fill it up with more plants or decors. This gives your frog some hiding spots, allowing it to feel at ease. Make sure the decors aren’t sharp.

Moreover, adjust the lighting and temperature of the aquarium. They need 10-12 hours of daylight and make sure the aquarium doesn’t overheat. Also, always try to use filtered water. 

How To Deal With African Dwarf Frogs Making Noise

Finally, take care of their diet. If you made any changes to their diet, this could be the reason behind their distress. However, if you notice frequent stress noise along with lethargy and other illnesses, call the vet.


So far, we have given you elaborate guidance on whether African dwarf frogs make noise. Now, let’s answer some frequently asked questions. 

Q. Why do African dwarf frogs make noise at night?

Frogs are nocturnal, so they’re the most active at night. This is why they’re so noisy at night. 

Q. Do African dwarf frogs stand on their legs when singing? 

Not all frogs of this species do this. Very rarely, some might stand on their hind legs while singing.


So, do African dwarf frogs make noise? Yes, they will make noises depending on the circumstances they’re in. During mating, they make a buzzing or humming noise to attract their partner. However, they can also do this out of sheer excitement or joy. 

When in distress, they make a sharp, high-pitched noise. However, you need to understand that not all frogs make identical noises, and some can’t be heard, especially if the background is too loud. We hope this way, you can differentiate your pet frog’s noise and take the necessary action if needed.  

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