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Do Frogs Eat Snakes? Surprisingly Enough, They Do!

Do Frogs Eat Snakes

Frogs may look cute, but they are known to be fearsome hunters. Depending on the size of their body, they choose their prey accordingly. The array of animals they can hunt down might surprise you. 

Now, coming back to the big question: do frogs eat snakes? Yes, frogs can eat snakes! They need to be big enough to fit the snake in their mouth. It is completely normal for these amphibians to be gulping down small serpents around them, even if they are venomous – in some cases. 

Furthermore, snakes are not the primary choice of prey that frogs seek for. Frogs, in general, would eat anything that comes by their path and is easy to devour. In this article, we will discuss in-depth snake-eating toads and the type of serpents they would pursue. 

Do Frogs Eat Snakes? In-Depth Analysis

Frogs are not known to consider snakes as their prey, but there are rare occurrences in nature that have given rise to this question. There are only a few toad species that tend to hunt down snakes smaller than them. However, yes, frogs eat snakes. 

Do Frogs Eat Snakes

When a frog lies waiting to ambush a prey, it might jump on the opportunity to eat a snake if one lingers too close to it. However, instances like these might have major factors influencing it, including the species of the snake, the species of the frog, and also the circumstances of the encounter. 

Frog Species That Can Eat Snakes

For a frog to attack a snake is a rare occurrence and only happens when the frog is strong enough to overpower the agile reptile. This required strength can only be found in frogs that are larger than average. 

Frog Species That Can Eat Snakes

These amphibians normally look for non-venomous snakes for lunch, but they won’t mind munching down venomous snakes if one decides to slither past. Check out below the species of frogs that consume snakes. 

  • American Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus)
  • Australian Green Tree Frog (Litoria caerulea)
  • Pacman Frog (Ceratophrys cranwelli)
  • African Bullfrog (Pyxicephalus adspersus)
  • Goliath Frog (Conraua Goliath)
  • Indian Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus)
  • East Asian Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus rugulosus)
  • Cane Toad (Rhinella marina)
  • Robust Spadefoot Toad (Scaphiopus couchii)
  • Pickerel Frog (Lithobates palustris)
  • Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens)
  • Argentine Horned Frogs (Ceratophrys species)

The species of frogs mentioned above are one of the biggest amphibians you can find, which makes it easy for them to snack on snakes. Smaller frogs that are commonly available around us lack the physical strength required to overpower a snake and, therefore, become the prey instead. 

Why Do Frogs Eat Snakes?

Frogs are generally known to be opportunistic feeders. They try to bite any living creature that crosses their path, as long as it is comparatively smaller than the frog itself. Small toads eating snakes isn’t very common and only limited to the species we mentioned above. 

Why Do Frogs Eat Snakes

Interestingly enough, there are cases when frogs actually eat snakes accidentally. Relying on visual cues, they often mistake snakes for some other prey and decide to attack them. Aggressive species such as bullfrogs do not specifically target snakes but would eat one if they consider it to be a threat or a competitor. 

Even though eating snakes might not be a daily task for a frog, swallowing relatively small ophidian eggs is a very common phenomenon in frogs. 

How Safe Is It For Frogs To Eat Snakes?

Snakes are dangerous predators, no matter the size. It certainly isn’t very safe for frogs to eat serpents, and it comes with its own risks.

Most frogs would try to eat a snake by biting its tail first, allowing the snake to make a move and prevent itself from getting swallowed. The snake can easily bite the frog and injure it.

How Safe Is It For Frogs To Eat Snakes

Eating snakes isn’t a regular diet for most frogs, as they rarely manage to find one that is smaller than them. This irregularity, a snake in diet, makes it hard for the frog’s digestive system to be compatible enough to digest these reptiles. Issues such as indigestion, extended digestion time, and regurgitation can occur due to the toughness and toxicity of reptile tissue and muscle mass. 

Very rarely do frogs choose to consume venomous snakes. A venomous snake can be really harmful to some toads if it manages to inject some venom into their blood or nerve.

Most Frogs Are Not Affected By Snake Venom Or Toxins

If you have noticed, I mentioned that only some frogs are affected by snake venom, whereas most are immune. Yes, there have been recorded cases of frogs surviving attacks from mildly venomous or highly venomous snake species. 

Most Frogs Are Not Affected By Snake Venom Or Toxins

One such famous case was recorded when a green tree frog, native to Northern Queensland, Australia, swallowed a Coastal Taipan Snake, which is the third most venomous snake in the world. The frog had sustained multiple bites from the venomous reptile but still managed to walk out fine. 

There are other frog species, including the Bullfrog, which is partially resistant to snake venom. 

Can You Feed Snakes To Your Pet Toad?

Can You Feed Snakes To Your Pet Toad

You can certainly feed snakes to your pet frog, but you should not. We will explain why.

  • Size of the Frog: Most frogs that are kept as pets are very small in size. Smaller frog species find it hard to consume snakes, even if the snakes are small.
  • Snakes Attack Back: Snakes are ruthless creatures and have supreme fighting skills. They know very well how to defend themselves. If a small frog manages to subdue a snake, it might have already endured many bites that can gravely injure the pet frog. Also, a venomous snake can even cause your pet amphibian to die. 
  • Hard to Find: Feeding serpents to your pet frog is not convenient at all. Snakes are hard to find due to their sly nature.

You can definitely find other cheaper forms of food for your pet toad without having to deal with the hassles of feeding it live snakes.

What Else Does A Frog Consume?

What Else Does A Frog Consume

As we mentioned before, frogs are opportunistic predators. They are also well-known insectivores, consuming a variety of prey. Check out some of the prey that Frogs choose to consume:

  • Insects: This is the primary form of a staple for all frogs. Insects are easy to find and a good source of protein for these little amphibians.
  • Invertebrates: Frogs generally stay in moist habitats. Places like these are swarming with little slugs, newts, snails, and other similar invertebrates. 
  • Arachnids: Arachnids are slow-moving creatures and make it very easy for frogs to hunt them down. Spiders and scorpions can be found in abundance in the wilderness or around swamps. 
  • Small Reptiles: Other than ophidians, frogs like to eat other small reptiles or lizards, such as geckos, salamanders, and skinks. 
  • Cannibalism: Larger frog species that have strong jaws often indulge in cannibalism. These frogs do not shy away from devouring smaller toads or even tadpoles. 
  • Small Birds: Frogs living in dense forests very rarely consume small birds. This entirely depends on how close the bird gets to the frog and, secondly, the size of the frog.
  • Small Fishes: Semi-aquatic frogs love eating small fish. Underwater, they use their sticky tongues to trap the fish. Bigger frogs choose to devour several fishes using their gigantic mouths. 

Don’t Snakes Prey On Frogs?

Although some frogs can eat snakes in the wilderness, it is mostly the other way around. Most frogs are considerably smaller compared to snakes, which makes them easy targets.

Snakes primarily rely on frogs and rodents, with some species specifically only consuming frogs. One such species is the Eastern Hognose snake found in North America. This snake primarily consumes toads and has adapted itself with a special set of teeth that helps it to deflate amphibians, making them easy to swallow. 

Don’t Snakes Prey On Frogs

However, the above statements do not apply to poisonous frogs, no matter how small they are. Amphibians like the Poison Dart frog or the Cane Toad secrete toxins from their skin. This property keeps predators away from them. 

Snakes that ingest poisonous toads can either vomit or die if their immunity system is not strong enough.  However, small cane toads are easily consumed by garter snakes or vipers. This small amphibian toad’s poison is not strong enough to kill larger snakes.

The dietary habits of frogs, like their preference for snakes, truly showcase their adaptability and diverse palate. However, while frogs can be predators, they also sometimes find themselves in precarious situations. For instance, if you have a canine companion, you might wonder about the consequences of an unintended encounter. Learn what steps to take if your dog ate a frog and the potential risks involved. On a related note, if you’re captivated by these amphibians and considering one as a pet, our guide on how to take care of a tree frog offers invaluable insights into ensuring their wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some relevant questions answered about frogs eating snakes. 

Do frogs attract snakes?

Frogs are common prey of snakes and can attract them easily. If you have frogs in your backyard, then you need to be wary of snakes wandering around. 

Are frogs afraid of snakes?

Large frogs are fearless and do not get scared by other predators easily in the wild. Smaller frogs tend to get afraid of larger snakes and choose not to move when they encounter one. This helps them to camouflage themselves and escape imminent death.

Are bullfrogs poisonous?

Yes, like other larger toads, bullfrogs secrete toxins from their skin, which makes them highly poisonous. Large bullfrogs can weigh up to a kg and can produce a large amount of poison. This is enough poison to knock down a large snake or kill some of the most common snakes.


The jungle is a battleground and calls for the survival of the fittest. This article discussed understanding the relationship between a prey and a predator, shedding more light on how diverse nature is.

Frogs, being sneaky predators, would do anything in their power to survive in the wilderness. Be it feasting on insects or taking the challenge of attacking merciless snakes. 

Both of them are opportunistic feeders, which makes them great competitors. We hope this article changes your perception of who’s the prey when you spot interactions between frogs and snakes in the future.

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