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Do Frogs Eat Spiders? Can They Eat Poisonous Spiders?

Do Frogs Eat Spiders

Are you new to keeping frogs and wondering if you can add spiders to their diet? If yes, this article is for you. We’ll explore more on whether frogs can eat spiders and other helpful info on the frog diet.

Do frogs eat spiders? Yes, frogs eat spiders. Some frog species have been observed catching and eating spiders in the wild. However, spiders only make part of their diet and they eat a wide variety of other prey in their wild habitats.

This article discusses more information on whether frogs can eat spiders. We’ll discuss in full detail the amphibian diets in the wild, the different spiders it eats, frogs and spiders interactions in the wild, and more.

Do frogs eat spiders?

Yes, frogs eat spiders in their wild habitats. Regarding what do frogs eat in the wild, they’re well-known carnivores. Their diet revolves around insect and arachnid consumption!

Any spider that passes by a hungry frog will quickly become its meal!

Do frogs eat spiders

Frogs are also well-known opportunistic eaters. This amphibian behavior means that eat anything that fits in their mouths. Thus, so if they see spiders moving in their natural habitats, they’ll make a meal out of them.

Most frog species eat spiders as part of their staple diet while others eat them as part of their occasional source of food.

Just like other frog species, spiders provide the frogs with nutrients that help keep them healthy. They’re rich in proteins and other essential nutrients.

Some of the well-known frog species that eat spiders more frequently include the White’s tree frog, PacMan frog, fire-bellied frog, tomato frog, and the African common toad.

Frogs such as terrestrial species that live in an environment where spiders are in plenty are likely to eat them more than aquatic frogs. However, the aquatic ones will also eat the spiders when an opportunity presents itself.

Some of the most common types of spiders eaten by different types of frogs include the common house spiders and the jumping spiders.

So, are spiders part of a frog’s diet? Yes, but frogs do not rely on spiders as their sole source of food. They for foraging for other prey to ensure they eat a varied diet with all the necessary nutrients.

How do frogs hunt and eat spiders?

Frogs employ the same hunting method they use on other insects and bugs to catch spiders. They have long and sticky tongues that quickly grab any spiders that come within striking range.

When they spot a spider, they launch their long tongues and catch it. Their tongues then wrap around the prey and coat it with their sticky saliva.

How do frogs hunt and eat spiders

Once the spider gets inside the frog’s mouth, they swallow it whole. No chewing occurs in the mouth. Even frogs with teeth only use them to grip the prey but not to chew it.

One of the interesting wildlife facts about frogs is that they can shoot their tongues to capture prey in just 7 seconds! This is 5x faster than your eye can blink! This effectiveness makes them great hunters, especially when it comes to high-flying insects.

Are frogs bitten when they eat spiders?

Spiders tend to bite when they feel threatened. So, can they bite a frog predator as well? The amphibians have mastered the art of catching spiders without being bitten by them.

Immediately they capture their prey, they then roll them with their tongues and then use their sticky saliva to immobilize them.

This renders them motionless and the frogs quickly sallow them before they can bite them in the mouth.

However, some frogs may still be bitten by spiders they are trying to eat. Most of the spider species have mild venom, which isn’t fatal to the froggies.

Are frogs bitten when they eat spiders

However, these painful frog-spider interactions never stop frogs from eating the spiders.

They may only stop if they are bitten several times as they remember this painful exercise and try to keep their distance.

After a while, the spiders forget the experience and start trying again to catch the insects.

Do frogs eat poisonous spiders?

Some spiders such as the black widow, huntsman, wandering, fishing, and Brown Rescue spiders are highly venomous.

As such, if they bit the frogs trying to eat them and inject the venoms into them, the frogs could seriously get harmed or even die!

However, frogs can still be able to eat the highly poisonous frogs if they capture them correctly so that they do not bite them.

The spiders will be digested just like any other foods when they encounter stomach acids without causing any side effects to the frogs.

Here’s a video showing a PacMan frog eating a venomous huntsman spider:


Do tree frogs eat spiders?

Tree frogs in the wild happily snack on spiders if they’re available in their habitats. These frog and spider encounters are crucial ecosystem interactions as they promote a healthy and balanced ecological impact.

In other words, frogs play a crucial role in the food chain of their natural habitats.

Do tree frogs eat spiders

However, we advise you against feeding your captive tree frog a spider. It is better to keep your froggy safe and alive rather than testing out if it can eat spiders, which may harm it. Understanding frog feeding habits ensures you feed your pet frog the right diet.

Do some spiders eat frogs?

Larger spiders prey on small frogs. Examples of these spiders include the Fishing spider, huntsman spider, wolf spider, and wandering spider.

These spiders employ various hunting techniques and feeding strategies on the frogs.

The wolf spider behavior, for instance, involves popping out of its underground burrows and grabbing the small frogs waking by. It then injects the frog with its venom that liquefies its internal organs and the frog then sucks them out.

Researchers in the South American rainforest were lucky to capture this rare scene of a wolf spider devouring a poison dart frog.

The huntsman spiders build traps using silk and leaves to catch frogs and other large prey and then make a meal out of them.

A fishing spider waits on the water surface with its back legs anchored to the rocks or a leaf. When a frog passes by, it pounces on it and gets hold of it. It then injects it with its venom, which liquefies the internal organs which the frog then sucks out.

Check the video below of a fishing spider in action as it eats its frog prey:


Here is another video below of a wandering spider eating a tree frog


Do frogs eat black widow spiders

The black widow spider is one of the most poisonous spiders out there and can pose danger to frogs if it bites them.

This is one of the frog’s biological adaptations to enable it to survive predation.

black widow spiders

Fortunately, the frogs ambush hunting tactic can help them quickly corner these spiders and swallow them before they can bite them.

However, we advise against experimenting with this spider with your pet froggy as it may get bitten and injected with the spider’s poison.

Do frogs eat jumping spiders?

Frogs will happily eat jumping spiders if they catch them correctly. However, jumping spiders also tend to prey on frogs.

jumping spiders

Researchers based in Switzerland documented the Regal Jumping Spiders hunting the frogs, lizards, and other larger prey.


Do bullfrogs eat spiders?

Bullfrogs are one of the largest frogs, so they’re more likely to seek out larger prey food items. However, a young or hungry bullfrog will still eat a spider if an opportunity presents itself.

Do frogs eat dead spiders?

Though there are a few species of frogs that will eat prey that’s both alive and dead, most of these frogs prefer prey that is alive and moving. This means the frogs are not likely to feed on dead spiders.

When it comes to the dietary habits of frogs, their preferences can vary depending on the species and their natural environment. If you’re interested in learning more about the eating habits of frogs, you might find our guides on do frogs eat rolly pollies and do frogs eat slugs informative. Our article on do frogs eat rolly pollies explores whether frogs include rolly pollies in their diet, providing insights into their feeding behaviors. Additionally, our guide on do frogs eat slugs delves into the topic of frogs consuming slugs and the ecological significance of this behavior. By exploring these guides, you’ll gain a better understanding of the diverse dietary preferences of frogs in their natural habitats.


That’s it on our guide on can frogs eat spiders. Most frog species will not hesitate to eat spiders if they come their way. Frogs who live in environments where spiders are present are even more likely to eat them more regularly. However, keep in mind that the spiders can also bite and inject their venoms into the frogs, which can be fatal. Highly poisonous spiders tend to feed on frogs by first paralyzing them with their venom. As such, we advise against feeding your pet froggies with spiders as they may get hurt and even die!

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