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30 Hilarious Frog Memes: Laugh Out Loud Amphibian Humor

Hilarious Frog Memes

Frog memes are a prominent subgenre of online humor that employs funny images and captions. As such, many meme enthusiasts use them to offer humorous and unique perspectives on life. However, some are more hilarious than others.

So then, what are the 30 hilarious frog memes commonly used on the internet? These frog memes touch on different topics, ranging from how Instagram models behave to the joys of procrastination. Others talk about minding your own business and expectations vs. reality. In addition, the memes feature phenomenal characters like Kermit the Frog and Pepe the Frog.

Still interested in learning more about the funniest frog memes? We’ve got you covered, so keep reading.

What Are The 30 Most Hilarious Frog Memes?

Without further ado, let’s look at the countless hilarious frog memes created by people from all walks of life and their meanings.

Frog Memes

1. Me After Laughing At My Own Jokes

In this meme, Kermit the Frog is lying across a bed wearing an oxygen mask on his face. This is because he is struggling to breathe from laughing at his jokes. The meme shows that sometimes it is okay to appreciate your own comedic skills.

2. When You Forget To Lock The Bathroom Door, and You See The Knob Turning

Sometimes, you may forget to secure your door, only for someone to try to enter without knocking, finding you in an embarrassing scenario. What makes this meme hilarious is the priceless look of fear and awkwardness on Kermit’s face.

3. Me Waiting For My 24-Hour Ban To Expire

In this meme, the frog patiently waits behind what looks like a prison cell door, looking bored and frustrated. This meme is relatable to individuals who have been temporarily banned from a social media platform for at least 24 hours. 

4. Don’t FROGet That I Love You So Much

This meme combines the word frog with forget to create a pun and bring out humor. It is a lighthearted, playful, and hilarious way to express love for someone. In the meme, the frog holds a heart to convey love.

5. Seriously, I’m At My Frogging Limit

This meme helps you express frustration or annoyance at something or someone in a light-hearted way. In the meme, you can see the small frog looking overwhelmed and stressed.

6. When You’re In An Argument and Look To Your Friend for Backup

Sometimes, when in an argument or a fight, it is normal to feel overconfident because you have a friend to back you up. However, when you look at the said friend, you find they are not there to offer the back up you need. So, what makes this meme funny is Kermit’s classic facial expression, scrunched up with intensity.

7. I Live in Poland But “La” Is Silent

This is a wordplay meme that features a frog in a pond. It means while frogs are found in Poland, they live in a pond, hence why the ‘la’ is silent. The meme hits deep, especially if you truly live in Poland.

8. Me On Instagram For The Next Few Weeks Trying To Get My Followers Back Up

This meme portrayed by Pepe the Frog shows a twerking Pepe wearing red-provoking shorts. The meme is trying to show what most social media stars do to get more clout. What is even more hilarious about it is that Nicki Minaj posted it.

9. Farted At Work Today, Maintenance Was Called To Look For Sewage Leak

Farting in public can be embarrassing and awkward, especially when the fart is loud. This meme is a hilarious way to cope with the embarrassing moment. Generally, the meme is often accompanied by a frog covering its face like it is ashamed.

10. See You At The Red Light

This meme is all about when people get mad and speed past you, and you all end up at the same red light. In the meme, Kermit the frog drives a car but stops at the red light. He looks at the other driver with the window rolled down and smirks on his face.

11. Treat Your Girl Right Or Scooter Kermit Will

The phrase is a funny way to remind people to treat their partners right and pay attention to them. Because if not, someone else could be riding over to your partner’s place in a cool scooter. In the meme, Kermit the Frog rides a scooter to add a humorous visual element to the statement.

12. Me: I will Do It At 4

Time: 4:05

Me: Wow, Looks Like I Gotta Wait Till 5 Now

What is funny about the meme is how the frog sleeps on the bed unbothered despite missing the exact time to do the chore. So, the frog jokingly postpones the task until 5 o’clock, something typical with most people.

13. Usually, I’m Sippin Tea, But On Hearing This News, Needed Somethin’ A Lil Stronger

When you hear dramatic or unexpected news, this meme is a hilarious way to react to it with a touch of exaggeration. In the meme, a frog is holding a beer can while sipping slowly. After all, beer is more potent than tea and is likely to calm it down faster.

14. People Lifting Mobile Phones More Than Weights At The Gym, But It’s Not My Business

This meme is used to mock people who go to the gym but are more focused on using their phones than working out. But what makes it even more hilarious is the picture of Kermit sipping tea unbothered. This is to portray it’s not his business what you do at the gym.

15 Looking For Where I Asked For Your Opinion

It can be extremely irritating when someone offers their opinion, even when you have not asked for it. This meme is a light-hearted way to tell such people to mind their business. It is humorous because there is a frog sitting by the ocean, looking like it is searching for something.

16. When You Drop Your Phone But The Screen Doesn’t Crack

In this meme, Kermit expresses the relief and amazement most people show when their phone’s screen survives a fall. The meme includes one picture of the frog inspecting if the screen is damaged. There is also a second picture where Kermit is hugging the phone, which is quite funny.

17. Me After Completing 1 of the 20 Things I’m Supposed To Do

When you have a long list of tasks to complete, there is usually that sense of satisfaction you get after accomplishing just a few. Kermit the Frog does a good job of showing this feeling by sleeping on the bed relaxed. 

18. Don’t Worry Be Hoppy

This meme features a happy green frog smiling, standing on a pond or leaf, and ready to hop. It is a comical way to tell people to always be happy, even in the face of challenges. The word hoppy is used in place of happy.

19. Hate To Say I Toad You So

In this meme, the word ‘toad’ is humorously substituted for ‘told.’ It is a playful way to point out that you were right about something, and so the other person should have listened to you. The humor comes from how the toad poses with its tongue out and a smug expression on its face.

20. The Clothes On The Mannequin vs. The Clothes On Me

Sometimes, we buy clothes because of how well-fitted and stylish they look on a mannequin, only to be disappointed by the final look. This meme includes Kermit the Frog as a mannequin vs. reality, where he is looking dissatisfied.

21. Just Doin’ Frog Stuff Which Is Weird Because I’m A Toad

This is a hilarious frog meme to use when someone acts contrary to their nature. The meme is depicted by the image of a toad in a pond or on the grass doing nothing.

22. Hey, It’s Frog Parking Only, All Others Will Be Toad

The humor in this frog meme arises from the clever swapping of the word ‘towed’ for ‘toad.’ It is a comical way to establish a set of boundaries. Basically, the meme’s visual element includes the image of a frog accompanied by a warning message.

23. Just Waiting For The Bus Cause My Car Got Toad

In this meme, a toad has been substituted for towed to create a pun. In the meme, the frog sits on a bench waiting for the bus because its car was impounded.

24. Call Me A Muppet Again I Dare You

Kermit the Frog is frustrated at being compared to a Muppet, a puppet character portrayed as quirky and cute. What is hilarious is how Kermit is challenging the other person to repeat the insult while holding a gun.

25. Yall Know This Ain’t Tea, Been Drinking Hennessy For The Past Week

Hennessy is one of the most premium cognacs and does not come close to tea. However, in this hilarious meme, Kermit is sipping tea, and his friends are foolish enough to believe he is taking Hennessey.

26. Me: I’m Gonna Start Eating Healthy

Also Me: Treat Yourself One Last Time, You Deserve It.

This meme makes fun of people who promise to adopt a healthier way of life only to succumb to temptations. In the meme, the frog sits in a mirror, rationalizing what he is about to do.

27. When Your Friend Said They Were 5 Mins Away… 2 hrs Ago

Sometimes, it can be annoying when your friend says they are about to arrive, only to be late. In the meme, the frog stands by the window in anticipation, which is relatable and funny since the friend is already late.

28. Me: “I Need To Study And Stay Productive”

Me To Me: “Take A Nap”

When you want to be productive but you have to fight the inner struggle of wanting to take a nap. Kermit does an excellent job of showing this feeling while standing in the mirror. The humor in the meme is in how the joke is relatable.

29. Me: I Should Clean My Room, Me After Picking Up One Sock

In the image, Kermit is splayed out on the bed, representing the emotion most individuals experience after accomplishing a small thing. It is a way of poking fun at people who give themselves credit for putting in minimal effort.

30. Hang in There Folks, We’re Halfway to Friday

This meme is usually shared on Wednesdays to lighten people’s mood. After all, most people are typically eager for the weekend. In the picture, a frog hangs onto a ledge or branch, which is hilarious.

After indulging in our humorous collection of frog memes, you might be wondering about the more practical side of amphibian care. If you’re considering adding a frog to your family or just curious about the associated costs, our guide on how much a frog costs offers valuable insights. Additionally, understanding a frog’s dietary habits is crucial for its care. Learn whether frogs are herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores in our comprehensive article on frog diets.


In this section, we will respond to commonly asked queries about popular and hilarious frog memes.

Q. Can you create your own frog memes?

Yes. You could use a meme generator or image editing software to create an appropriate frog image. Then, come up with a relatable or funny caption.

Q. What makes frog memes hilarious?

It is the fact that the memes use frog images with exaggerated facial expressions. Also, they employ wordplay and relatable situations that involve frogs.

Q. Are there etiquette rules for sharing frog memes online?

No. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind when sharing these memes. For example, you must be mindful of timing because what may be hilarious at one time could be offensive at another time.


Internet memes, especially those involving frogs, are popular and continue to be widely shared on various social media platforms. This is because they provide a lighthearted and relatable form of entertainment, especially for meme enthusiasts.

However, it was worth noting that a meme that is hilarious to you may not be to another person. Therefore, it is only fair to respect other people’s sense of humor. That is why we have included at least 30 frog memes to cater to the needs of everyone.

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