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How Much Do Frogs Cost? Evaluating The Cost Of Different Frog Species

How Much Do Frogs Cost

Frogs can be a wonderful addition to your aquarium. However, if you’re considering getting one, you will be baffled to know there are many options out there. Moreover, the price of some species of frogs might even surprise you.

So, how much do frogs cost? The cost of frogs varies depending on their species, color, age, and size. The rarity of one species also contributes to the price. Common pet frogs cost between $20 to $40. In comparison, rare frogs can cost you several hundred.

In this article, you will learn about the factors that affect the cost of a frog and how much common pet frogs cost. Additionally, the cost of providing a good habitat and diet will also be covered.

How Much Do Frogs Cost?

There are over 5,000 species of known frogs and only a few hundreds are accessible to us. From these accessible ones, we get to choose one of them to be our pet, mostly African dwarf frogs or American green tree frogs. These common frogs cost the least, ranging from $20 to $40.

How Much Do Frogs Cost

Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, there are several factors to consider before estimating the price of a frog. Let’s take a look at the factors one by one.


One of the things that boosts anything’s price is its demand. Just like everything, the demand for a specific frog species boosts up the price margin too high. A general rule of thumb is to consider that the easiest frog species to find is the cheapest one. And the rarest ones are vice versa.

Frog Rare Species

However, some examples of rare species are;

  • Golden Poison Frog
  • Blue Poison Dart Frog
  • Strawberry Poison Dart Frog
  • Mint Poison Frog
  • Splendid Leaf Frog

While most of them on the list go for $100-$800, these species also have more expensive variants. For example, a golden poison frog costs up to $500, whereas the orange variant of a golden poison frog can cost $1,500.


The previous discussion of variations leads to this part, which is about frog colors. While some colors are common in frogs, others are quite rare. This is where collectors, enthusiasts, or breeders come in. They will utilize those frogs more than you will as someone who just wants a pet.

As a result, they are ready to offer a big check for rare colored frog species, increasing their price.


The age of the frogs also plays a crucial role in its price. In general, adult frogs are costlier than younger ones. The primary reason behind this is the time and care you need to provide to a young frog. Besides, getting an adult frog frees you from the hassle.

Frog Age

Another reason behind it is breeders. Most of the time, breeders look for adult frogs as they are capable of breeding immediately. Otherwise, with a young one, they would need to wait months to start the breeding process. That’s why breeders are ready to pay a bit extra for an adult one.


Even though this is not the sole reason behind the pricing of a frog, it does influence some level. Most of us find bigger frogs to be visually appealing. This is why pet stores have the bigger ones out there on display. Additionally, the color and patterns are more visible on bigger frogs than on small ones.

On the other hand, the breeders are also involved here. Large frogs tend to lay larger clutches of eggs. As the demand for larger eggs is high, breeders tend to prioritize larger frogs more. Therefore, be ready to pay a higher price for bigger frogs.


The concept of rarity refers to the relative scarcity of a particular frog species or morph within the overall population. Well, everyone wants to have something that is rare, and rare frogs are one of them.

Therefore, you will be competing with enthusiasts and breeders when it comes to rare frogs. They will provide higher checks for the frogs that are not so common for their fulfillment or profit.

Table: How Much Do Common Pet Frogs Cost

How Much Do Common Pet Frogs Cost

Here’s a table of how much the common pet frogs cost;

American Green Tree Frog$20-$40
African Dwarf Frog$20-$40
White’s Tree Frog$30-$50
Red-eyed Tree Frog$30-$80
Pacman Frog$40-$100
Gray Tree Frog$10-$30
Leopard Frog$10-$30
Barking Tree Frog$20-$35

Cost Of Providing A Good Habitat And Diet

One thing that every new frog owner isn’t aware of is providing their pet with good habitat and diet. Well, it’s quite essential for the frogs that you provide them with a habitat replicating their natural environment. This includes appropriate temperature, humidity, lighting, and water sources.

Cost Of Providing A Good Habitat And Diet

On the other hand, you need to fulfill your pet’s body requirements. Each species has different diet requirements and you need to provide them with a species-based diet which can get expensive.

Nevertheless, small frogs have less habitat expense as they will require a 10-gallon tank, whereas bigger ones require a 20-gallon tank.

Similarly, their diet also varies. Some require more supplements than others which can cost a little bit more. Yet, the difference isn’t rocket high as the supplements only cost around $10.

Lastly, you also need to take maintenance costs into account. These include regular cleaning supplies for the enclosure, such as disinfectants and substrate replacements. Moreover, the frequency of veterinary care should also be considered as they are not that cheap.

Here’s a video that will help you with the caring process for your pet frog;

While understanding the expenses related to keeping frogs is essential, it’s equally important to consider their behavior and suitability as pets. Our article on whether frogs make good pets delves deep into their behavior, needs, and the joys of keeping them. And if you’re curious about their natural instincts and dietary habits, you might be surprised to learn from our piece on frogs eating other frogs, showcasing the wild side of these fascinating creatures.


Let’s check out some commonly asked questions regarding frogs and their cost.

Q: Are there any legal restrictions or regulations that may impact the cost of purchasing a frog?

Yes, some laws and rules might affect how much a frog costs to buy. The type of frog being bought, where it came from, and the rules governing its trading are just a few of the variables that might affect how much it costs.

Q: Can the cost of frogs vary in different regions or countries?

Yes, the cost of frogs can vary in different regions or countries. The price of frogs is influenced by various factors such as availability, demand, cultural preferences, regulations, and transportation costs.

Q: Are there any seasonal fluctuations in the cost of purchasing frogs?

Yes. The price of buying frogs may indeed vary seasonally. Frog supply and demand are meant to shift throughout the year. As a result, it might affect market pricing.


To conclude, if you ask how much do frogs cost, it’s only $20 to $40 to buy a widely available frog. The price range increases the most as the rarity increases. Additionally, any special colors or patterns are always welcome to breeders and enthusiasts, for which they are ready to pay a higher price.

Nevertheless, if you are thinking of getting one as a pet, the price shouldn’t bother you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an expensive one or a $20 one, it’s your pet and you should treat it with care.

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