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How To Clean African Dwarf Frog Tank?- A Comprehensive Guide

How To Clean African Dwarf Frog Tank

If you own an African Dwarf frog, you need to take care of their well-being. Usually, the African Dwarf frog does not need too much maintenance. But you need to pay attention to the cleanliness as they feel uncomfortable in a dirty environment. 

So, how to clean the African Dwarf frog tank? First, make the freshwater ready, remove old water, and remove decorations. Now, clean the substrate and foods, clean the tank, and fill in fresh water.

Further, I will write about how you can clean the African Dwarf frog tank, how the Frog tank goes dirty, and many more. Please read till the end to find out


How To Clean African Dwarf Frog Tank? Step-By-Step Guide

You must clean the African Dwarf frog tank properly to maintain cleanliness. A dirty tank also affects the well-being and lifespan of your frog. However, an African dwarf frog tank includes an aquarium with a heater. The heater helps to maintain the water temperature. It keeps the water free from toxins. 

How To Clean African Dwarf Frog Tank

Knowingly, it takes low maintenance to take care of these frogs. Anyway, here I have discussed how to clean an African Dwarf frog tank with a step-by-step guide. Please have a look below.

Step 1: Take off frogs from the tank

Before you start cleaning the tank, you must take off the frog from the tank. You can put your frog in a safe container. Make sure to have a shallow amount of water in the container. 

The water amount would depend on the frog’s size. Keeping the frog in a plastic container is more suitable. But please make sure that the frog does not escape from the container. 

Take off frogs from the tank

Step 2: Make The Water Ready Beforehand

You must remove water from the tank when cleaning it. But you need to replace the water with fresh water in the tank. You have to prepare that freshwater beforehand as it is recommended to prepare it early. 

Please remember that African Dwarf frogs cannot tolerate the chlorinated water. The chlorinated water contains chlorine, which is extremely painful for the frog’s skin. So, you should use dechlorinated water to fill up the container. To dechlorinate the water, use a water conditioner. 

Then, take a container and fill it with the appropriate amount of water. Next, add the water conditioner according to the product tag. Mix the conditioner with water properly. Let the water sit for a few minutes in the container. Finally, the water is dechlorinated. 

Step 3: Remove the old water

Now, you have to drain the water from the tank depending on the dirt on the tank. You can use a siphon hose to take the water out. You do not need to empty the whole tank. Taking out 10%-20% of the water is okay. 

Step 4: Remove decorations 

If you have done any decoration inside the tank, then remove the decorations. Having the decorations in the tank while cleaning can disrupt the process. However, after taking the decorations out, clean them properly. If there are artificial branches in the tank, clean them as well. 

African Dwarf Frog Tank

Step 5: Clean substrate and foods

Now you have to clean the substrate and foods. Once you have taken the substrate out, clean the gravel with a colander. Then, sink it in hot water. Gradually take the dirt out with a brush. Then rinse them and let them dry. 

Also, there could be leftover food in the tank. The leftover food can create bacteria in the tank. That’s why you should check properly if there is any leftover food in the tank and remove it. 

Step 6: Clean the tank

Take a fresh microfiber cloth to clean the tank. Now clean the inside and outside of the tank properly so that no dirt remains on it. Please make sure that you are not using any chemical agent to clean the tank as it can get mixed with the fresh new water you have prepared earlier. 

Step 7: Fill in freshwater 

Now, you can fill in the freshwater in the tank that you had prepared. Also, put the decorations back in the tank. 

Step 8: Put frogs in the tank 

As cleaning is done, now you can put the frogs back in the tank. Pay attention to the water temperature after putting the frog in the tank. The water temperature should be around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjust it accordingly. 

You can check out this video to learn more ways to dechlorinate the water: 

How The African Dwarf Frog Tank Goes Dirty?

Knowing how the African Dwarf frog tank goes dirty can help you prevent the tank from getting dirtier. Here, I have given complete details of how the African Dwarf frog tank goes dirty. 

  • Leftover foods create bacteria in the tank, which can leave the tank with dirt. Also, if you are feeding them insects and worms, the leftover foods can mess up inside the tank.
  • The waste your African Dwarf frog creates can make the water dirty.
  • Also, the gravel dust gets mixed with the water over time. It makes the watercolor shady.
How The African Dwarf Frog Tank Goes Dirty

How Can I Care For African Dwarf Frog?

It is essential to make your African Dwarf frog comfortable in the tank. That’s why you have to make the environment inside the tank compatible with them. It also includes taking care of their diet.  

  • Provide them with blackworms, bloodworms, daphnia, and fish flakes.
  • Let the frogs have all their food every thirty minutes.
  • Take out 10%-20% of the tank water every week and replace the water.  with dechlorinated water.
  • Keep the water temperature around 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit. 
How Can I Care For African Dwarf Frog


The African Dwarf frog owners have some commonly asked questions. Here, I have answered some of these questions. 

Q. Is It Okay To Use Tap Water To Refill The Tank?

Yes. You can use tap water to refill the tank. But it is important to dechlorinate the water as they can’t tolerate chlorinated water at all. 

Q. Is It Okay To Use Detergent To Clean The Tank? 

No. You cannot use any detergent to clean the tank. You should refrain from using any kind of soap, too. These things can cause your frogs to harm.

Q. How Often Should I Clean My African Dwarf Frog’s Tank?

You should clean your African Dwarf frog’s tank once per month. It is enough to provide your frog with a clean and healthy environment. 


As an African Dwarf frog owner, you must provide your frogs with a clean environment. That’s why it is necessary to clean the frog tank from time to time. But if you are not cleaning the tank correctly, even one mistake can make your frog uncomfortable. 

You should follow proper ways to clean the tank, as I have mentioned in this article. Moreover, you have to pay attention to the water temperature as they cannot tolerate heat. So, I hope you now know how to clean the African Dwarf frog tank. This guide will help you to clean the tank effectively. 

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