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How To Make A DIY Frog Gig? – (Step By Step)

How To Make A DIY Frog Gig

If you live around water ponds infested by frogs, their croaking sound at night can be irritating. You can make a DIY frog gig to eradicate these species by hunting some species, such as the Bullfrog.

So, how do you make a DIY frog gig? You can make a frog gig from a long wooden stick or a metal pole with multiple prongs on one end. Split the wooden sticks into quarters and sharpen them into sharp prongs. The gigs consist of short pieces welded to form a spear with sharp ends.

In this article, we shall review the several ways of making a frog gig. In addition, we shall share tips on frog gigging and safety measures when frog hunting.

How To Make A DIY Frog Gig Step-by-Step?

Frog gigs are sharp-edged objects used to hunt frogs by piercing them while in water. The gigs can be purchased from various stores dealing with spears, arrows, and fishing equipment.

How To Make A DIY Frog Gig

However, a DIY frog gig can be made from locally available tools. You can make it from wooden sticks or welded metallic pieces with sharp ends.

Get the following tools to make a DIY frog gig.

  • Knife
  • Wooden pole
  • Spreader sticks
  • A rope or tough string

Let’s look at different ways of making a DIY frog gig using different materials.

1. A Wooden Frog Gig Pole

Following the procedure below, you can make a frog gig from a wooden pole.

  • Find a straight pole, preferably a dry wooden stick of a length of between six and eight feet.
  • Using a knife blade, locate the edge’s center and split it halfway 3 – 4 inches deep.
  • Rotate the pole, locate the center, and quarter it perpendicular to the other split line in equal measure.
  • Cut two small finger-like sticks of about 4 inches in length to act as the spreader sticks.
  • Open the quartered splits with the spreader sticks.
  • Tie the pole at the base of the spreader sticks to prevent excessive splitting of the pole edges.
  • Sharpen the split edges using a knife. Ensure the sharpened edges are solid and sharp enough to pierce the frogs without breaking.
A Wooden Frog Gig Pole

2. A Metallic Spearhead Frog Gig

You can also make a DIY frog gig from metallic pieces welded onto a strong metallic pole. We shall discuss the steps for creating a 3-prong and 6-prong frog gig.

Have the following tools and equipment to make your work easier.

  • A wire cutter
  • A boxed wire mesh (4 by 4 inches)
  • A mallet
  • Welding machine
  • Metallic pole (6 – 8 feet long)

Follow the steps below to make a metallic DIY frog gig.

Step 1: Get a large boxed mesh wire and cut out the first piece using a wire cutter. For the 3-pronged gig, cut the boxed mesh to resemble the “+” symbol but with the vertical wire longer than the vertical wire.

Step 2: You can also use gas metal arc welding to weld an 8-inch long to a 6-inch long wire in a perpendicular design.

Step 3: For the 6-prong gig, cut the mesh, ensuring you get a piece with two parallel wires joined by a shorter wire across. Ensure the crossing wire joining the parallel wires has an extension of 3 inches.

Step 4: You can also weld a 6-inch long wire to join two parallel wires 12 inches long.

Step 5: Use a mallet to flatten all the edges to make them sharp for spearing.

Step 6: Use a wire cutter to cut the flattened edge at an angle of 45 degrees to develop a sharp-pointed edge.

Step 7: For the 3-pronged gig, curve the 6-inch long wire to form two other parallel wires in the direction of the 8-inch wire.

Step 8: Weld the other end of the 8-inch wire to a metallic pole. You can also use adhesives or nail the prongs onto a wooden stick.

Step 9: For the 6-prong gig, curve the 6-inch joining wire in the middle to make a mirrored 3-pronged gig.

Step 10: Attach the prong to a metallic pole at the curving point or use any strong metallic adhesive such as Epoxy. You can also fasten it with nails on a wooden stick.

Watch the video below on how to make a 3-pronged and 6-pronged metallic DIY frog gig.

Tips On Frog Gigging And Safety Measures To Put In Place When Frog Hunting

When making a DIY frog gig, keep the following points in consideration.

  • Always be careful when handling the sharp prongs and the wire cutter to avoid injuries.
  • Avoid using wooden poles with spongy inner sections. Preferably use hardwood trees such as bamboo.
  • When selecting the wires to weld, use strong wires that pierce without breaking or bending.
  • Use a headlight when frog gigging at night instead of a hand torch for easy hunting.
  • The frog gig can also be used for hunting other animals, such as snakes, and catching fish.
  • After hunting the disturbing frogs in your compound, you can use them to supplement your diet.
Tips On Frog Gigging
After crafting your very own DIY frog gig, you might be in the mood for some light-hearted amphibian humor. Dive into our delightful collection of frog memes, sure to tickle your funny bone! If your frog gigging adventures spark an interest in expanding your amphibian collection or if you’re curious about the financial side of things, take a look at our comprehensive guide on how much a frog costs. From purchase to maintenance, we cover all the aspects you’d want to know about!


Read the following questions related to making a DIY frog gig.

Q: Is Frog Hunting Legal In the USA?

Frog hunting by gigging is allowed in most states in America, but you must have hunting licenses and adhere to bag and possession limits. Other states like Ohio, Nebraska, and West Virginia do not allow frog gigging.

You can check with the laws guiding frog gigging in your state to ensure you abide by the law.

Q: What Is The Best Way to Store And Preserve Frogs After Hunting Them?

The best way of storing frogs after gigging is by using a gigging bag like a burlap potato sack that has been wet with water. You can keep the sack sunk in water as you frog gig.

After hunting, you can transfer them into an iced cooler or freezer for long-term storage, awaiting meal time.

Q: When Is The Best Time To Go For Frog Gigging?

Frogs are most active at night, so it’s best to hunt them at night. Use a headlamp to locate the frogs in the water puddles and marshy areas. Their eyes will reflect light and make it easier to find them.


To make a DIY frog gig, you need simple tools such as a knife, pieces of wire, and a wooden pole or a metallic pole. Frog gigging helps eradicate the nuisance and disturbance from the frogs and turn them into a source of protein for your diet.

When making the sharp prongs, ensure they are strong enough since hunting involves hitting obstacles. Ensure your state allows frogging and you hunt the giant and mature frogs, allowing the tiny frogs to mature.

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