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How To Relocate Frogs Safely From One Place To Another?

How To Relocate Frogs

It is not rare for frogs to invade your yards, gardens, or ponds. Though they are fascinating creatures, you may have to move them away from your properties. Or, you may need to change their terrarium.

Now, how to relocate frogs safely? It requires you to follow different methods depending on where you want to move them. You can use a tube, glass, or hand to move them to a new terrarium. However, if they are in your pond or garden, using nets or plastic bottles will be more convenient.

Frogs have delicate skin, and therefore, you should be careful while dealing with them. You will find complete guidance regarding relocating them in this article.

How to Relocate Frogs from Your Property?4 Methods To Follow

How to Relocate Frogs

You should only move frogs from one pond to another when you really need it. This is because it can transfer diseases and invasive plants. You can do it by following any of the methods mentioned below:

Capture Frogs Using A Net

Capture Frogs Using A Net

Are there so many frogs in your backyard or garden? It will be difficult for you to catch them all by hand. Besides, they will also not allow you to catch them. Using a net will be much more of an easier option. 

  • You should put on a pair of gloves on your hands before starting your mission.
  • Opt for a net that is tightly knit so that frogs cannot tear them and flee.
  • Approach quietly so that they do not get startled and scared.
  • Begin your mission at night, as frogs are nocturnal. Use a flashlight or headlamp with a red filter.
  • Extend the net toward the frog slowly and steadily. Try to get as close as possible without alarming the frog.
  • Make a quick but gentle scoop to catch the frog after you have reached close enough. Be careful not to harm the frog.
  • Use a container to move them safely and then release them back to another habitat that is safe for them.

Capture Frogs By Hand

You can also catch frogs with your hands. It can also be a joyful pastime. However, you should remember that they have very soft and delicate skin. Do not grab them too hard or squeeze them. You may end up hurting them doing so.

Capture Frogs By Hand

You must wear gloves on your hands for safety purposes. It is important for you and the frogs. Some frogs are poisonous and can omit poison through their skin. It can cause serious burns and irritation to your skin. 

Additionally, frogs are ideal carriers of bacteria. Direct touch can increase the risk of infection. 

On the other hand, they can also absorb chemicals from your hands. It will cause some serious health complications if you do not be careful.

Use A Bottle

Using a plastic bottle is another easy and convenient method to catch frogs for relocating. You should use as big of a bottle as you can. Cut one side of the bottle to make an entrance for them.

You can add some food, such as insects, and add muddy water to replicate their natural habitat. Check how you can do it from the following video.

Place 2-3 or more bottles around your garden or pond. The frogs will arrive for the food and may stay there for hours if there is enough food. This way, you will not have to run after these agile amphibians.

Contact the Local Wildlife Department

Dealing with frogs is not as easy as it might seem. You will need some expertise. If you are not confident or want to avoid taking the risk of bacterial infection, you can call the local wildlife departments. They can help you in catching and relocating them. 

Relocate Frogs

Depending on your location, you can contact with the following departments:

USAU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service1‑800‑344‑WILD
RussiaMinistry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation7 (499) 252 -2359 
BahamasAnimal Control Services(242) 397-7450/1
CanadaCanadian Wildlife Service1-800-668-6767
UKDepartment for Environment Food & Rural Affairs03459 33 55 77
AustraliaDepartment of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions(08) 9219 9000

How to Safely Move Frogs from Terrarium

How to Safely Move Frogs from Terrarium

Frogs are not always unwanted or unwelcome. Many people like to have pet frogs. You need to build a terrarium for their living. And it is a simple affair that you might need to move them to a new one. Thankfully, it is not going to be too hassling. 

  • You can use your hand if it is not a poisonous one. Don’t forget to put on gloves and wash your hands after dealing with the frog. 
  • You can use a shot glass or drinking glass to catch your frogs from the terrarium. You can use your hand to cover the glass from the top of the glass while moving it to the other terrarium. 
  • You can also use a test tube or cork tube that is big enough for the frog to stay there for some moments.

Some Other Ways to Move Frogs to New Place

Some Other Ways to Move Frogs to New Place

If you are changing your house, or if there is no right place to relocate your frogs, you can ask the wildlife department for information. You may have to even transport them to a safer place. You should be careful while doing so. Make sure you have the following equipment before the move:

  • Carrier box: you can choose a plastic box if you want. 
  • Paper towels
  • Dechlorinated water. Water with the presence of chlorine is harmful to frogs. 
  • Blanket or sheet

If it is your pet frogs that you are going to travel with, the best practice will be not to feed them from the day before. It will not be a problem for your amphibian friends. Adult frogs can survive four or more weeks without food.

Put the paper towels inside the box. Apply some dechlorinated water for moisturization. You should also select a spacious box for them so that they do not feel congested.

3 Factors to Consider Before Relocating Frogs

You may need to relocate frogs from your garden or pond for various reasons. However, you should consider the following factors before catching them to move out:

Relocating Frogs

The New Location

Have you considered a new location for them? You should not just catch and release them in dumpsters. That will be cruel to them.

Instead, you must take them to nearby wetlands or natural habitats. Ensure that the habitat has an identical environmental condition to yours. Also, consider the density of pollution and predators there.

Legal Requirements

There can be some legal complications in transporting frogs from one city to another. You should check on the legalization of your locality and get permission if needed. 

Is It the Breeding Season?

You should not move them during the breeding season. It can put undue stress on them and also harm their mating. Frogs relocated to a new place will find it difficult to find a partner. It is better to move them away before the breeding season. 

How to Prevent Frogs From Coming Back to Your Property

How to Prevent Frogs From Coming Back to Your Property

Since you are relocating, you may not allow them to approach your yards again. Taking some early steps can save you from unnecessary difficulties. Here is what you can do:

  • Get rid of the ponds or wetlands that attract frogs to your place.
  • Keep the grass short around your swimming pool.
  • Switch off the lights at night. It will keep the frogs from coming to your property.
  • Set up a tight and deep fence that can keep frogs out of your garden.
  • Apply natural frog repellents such as salt, coffee grounds, vinegar, baking soda, etc. but not directly.


Here are some commonly asked questions people ask for. You may also have the same questions, so have a good look. 

Q. Can I relocate frogspawn from my pond?

You should not try to relocate frogspawn as it can harm frog populations. Your pond will be clear within a few weeks. You should wait till then and then take the necessary steps to deter them from coming back again.

Q. Can I relocate frogs to another area of town?

You should not do such a thing. Frogs have a tendency to return to their birthplace. If you relocate to a distant place, they might try to return and die in the process. You should relocate them in a place that is 100m away from the current location. 

Q. Can I relocate hibernating frogs?

No, you should not relocate frogs when they are hibernating. You should avoid the whole process during the winter season. Contact the local animal control department for legal information about what you can do. 


If you need to relocate frogs, you should be careful about not hurting or causing any harm to them. Deal with them gently. You can catch them with your hands, use a net or plastic bottle, or take the help of the experts to catch and move them.

Avoid moving them during the breeding season. Take care of the necessary factors and arrange everything required to move them before the day of the move. You should maintain the necessary guidelines mentioned above.

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