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Largest Frogs in the World: A Guide to Their Sizes

Largest Frogs in the World

Have you ever wondered what the largest frogs in the world are and how big or heavy they can get? If yes, you will find this guide helpful. This article discusses the largest frogs on planet Earth and their specific sizes.

The largest frogs in the world include:

  • Goliath frog
  • African bullfrog
  • Giant river frog
  • American bullfrog
  • Blyth’s river frog
  • Surinam horned frog
  • Mountain chicken frog
  • and more!

This article takes you through the complete list of the largest frogs inhabiting the world, their average sizes, weights, male vs female sizes, and other important details you need to know about them.

Largest Frogs in the World:

Largest Frogs in the World
Frog speciesAverage size (inches)Average weight (pounds)
Goliath frog13 inches7 lbs.
African bullfrog9.5 inches3 lbs.
Lake Junin Frog6.8 to 12 inches4.5 lbs.
Chilean helmeted bullfrog6 to 13 inches1.1 to 2.2 lbs.
Blyth’s River frog10.2 inches2.2 lbs.
American bullfrog8 inches2 to 3 lbs.

Top 10 largest frogs in the world:

Here is our list of the top 10 largest frogs in the world (this list is in no particular order):

1. Goliath frog (13 inches long, 7lbs. heavy)

Goliath frog

The Goliath is the largest frog alive on the planet! An average adult weighs as heavy as 3kgs and as big as 13 inches (body length).

This frog is only found in sandy bottom streams and rivers of Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

The frog faces threats such as overhunting for bushmeat trade, where locals use sophisticated traps to capture them.

Other threats include pollution, habitat loss due to commercial and residential encroachment, and deforestation. The frogs are also exported to the US for pet trade and for use in frog jump competitions.

Goliath frogs have reached endangered species status and their population is currently estimated to have decreased by over 70% in the past 15 years.

2. Surinam horned frog (8 inches long, 1 lbs heavy)

Surinam horned frog

The Surinam horned is another bulky frog on our list. The amphibian can grow as big as 8 inches (snout to vent) long.

Surinam horned frogs inhabit the freshwater ponds and marshes of the Amazon Basin that extends from Colombia to Brazil.

These horned frogs are not picky eaters and eat just anything that fits through their wide girth.

They are also aggressively territorial and may even fight for their territories to death!

3. Giant river frog size (10.2 inches long, 2.2lbs heavy)

Giant river frog

Giant river frog is such a giant that it measures up to 10.2 inches from snout to vent and weighs as heavy as 2.2 lbs!

This frog is native to Borneo. It is also found in various regions of Malaysia and Indonesia.

These giants inhabit the banks of small as well as large rocky streams in the hilly lowlands in the rainforests of their native regions.

Unfortunately, this frog is facing overexploitation and habitat loss due to deforestation.

Though it currently stands as a Least Concern species, its numbers in the wild may decrease if conversation efforts are not taken to save it from these threats.

4. Smoky Jungle Frog (7 inches long, o.56 to 0.75lbs heavy)

Smoky Jungle Frog

Smoky jungle frog also makes it to our list of the biggest frogs in the wild. Males are usually robust compared to females and will attain a maximum length of up to 7.1 inches.

This is slightly larger than the average female size of 6.9 inches. Just as they’re big, they’re also heavy (they weigh up to 12 oz).

The native habitats of these frogs are Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, French Guinea, and Brazil.

When threatened, these frogs tend to inflate their lungs. They then stand tall on their legs. This is a self-defense mechanism to make them appear even larger and more intimidating to their threats.

Moreover, they tend to produce a toxic secretion—leptoxin—whose role is still not clear. However, it could be a self-defense mechanism against predation.

5. American bullfrog (8 inches long, 1 to 2 lbs. heavy)

American bullfrog

The American bullfrogs also feature on our list of the largest frogs in this world. Females tend to grow larger, up to 8 inches big compared to males, and weigh around 1 to 2 lbs.

Though this frog is native to the US, it has been introduced to other countries including Europe and Asia. The frogs prefer inhabiting ponds, swamps, and lakes.

The American bullfrog is considered an invasive species in most countries.

As a voracious predator, it feeds on snakes, fishes, birds, small turtles, and small mammals. This means it threatens the health ecosystems it invades.

6. Mountain Chicken Frog (7.8 inches long, 2.2lbs heavy)

Mountain Chicken Frog

The mountain chicken frog, also known as giant ditch frog, is also one of the biggest frogs, with females growing larger than males.

However, the typical size of this frog is 6.7 to 7.8 inches. The average weight is around 1kg (2.2 lbs).

It probably gets its name “chicken” due to its large drumsticks-like legs that were once a delicacy in various cultures.

Native to the Caribbean islands of Montserrat and Dominica, this frog prefers living in moist habitats including ravines, dense secondary forests and scrubs, palm groves, hillside plantations, river valleys, and even flooded forests.

Unfortunately, this frog is critically endangered, which means it is nearing extinction. Its major threats include overhunting, diseases, and habitat loss.

Luckily, various conservation measures, including captive breeding programs have already been started to help save this frog from extinction.

7. African Bullfrog (9.5 to 12 inches long, 3 pounds heavy)

African Bullfrog

The African bullfrog comes second after the Goliath frog as one of the giant frogs of Africa.

Adult males are usually bigger than females and can reach up to 12 inches—this is similar to the size of a dinner plate! Males are also heavier and weigh up to 3 pounds.

Another interesting fact about this bullfrog is that it’s one of the only 3 species of frogs in the world that have teeth.

The frog is native to the savannas, tropical swamps, and scrublands of South and Central Africa.

This frog is a voracious predator and eats anything that fits its mouth, including its fellow frogs and small mammals!

FUN FACT: Dr. Grant used African bullfrogs to clone dinosaurs in Jurassic Park!

8. Blyth’s river frog (10.2 inches long, 1kg heavy)

Blyth's river frog

The Blyth’s river frog also goes by the names Blyth’s fanged frog, Giant Asian river frog, Malayan giant frog, etc. It boasts its place as the biggest frog in Asia.

The average adult size is 26cm (10.2 inches) long and weighs up to 2.2 lbs (1kg) heavy.

This frog inhabits forest regions and rocky streams in various Asian countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The frog is a popular source of bush meat for the indigenous folks, which threatens its populations in the wild.

It also faces other dangers like habitat loss due to deforestation, logging, etc. Currently, it is classified as a Near Threatened species.

9. Lake Junin Frog (6.8 to 12 inches long, 4.5lbs heavy)

Lake Junin Frog

As its name suggests, this frog is commonly found in Lake Junin in Peru. However, it is also available in other lakes surrounding its native region and even part of the Mantaro River.

The frog qualifies for our list due to its big size. An average adult averages 6.8 to 12 inches in length, depending on the gender. This frog weighs up to 4.5 lbs, which is much heavier than most of the frogs on this list.

Unfortunately, this frog is also under threat of overhunting by local people as well as pollution and habitat loss. Currently, IUCN classifies it as an endangered species.

10. Chilean helmeted bullfrog (13 inches long, 1kg heavy)

Chilean helmeted bullfrog

This is another giant species of frogs closing our list but it is definitely not the least!

The frog is quite large and on average, it can reach up to 32 inches from snout to vent length—just like the Goliath frog!

It is also quite heavy and can weigh between 1.1 and 2.2 lbs. However, some individuals can grow exceptionally heavier—up to 6.6 lbs. (3kgs)!

This frog is considered one of the largest Aurans inhabiting the Americas!

It lives an aquatic to semi-aquatic lifestyle and is mostly found in the deep reservoirs and ponds of Chile. Its range also extends to west-central Argentina.

The helmeted bullfrog is considered a vulnerable species according to IUCN.

Like most of the other species featured in this guide, this frog faces major threats such as overhunting for food or pet trade, pollution, habitat loss, and the chytridiomycosis disease.


Where is the biggest frog in the world?

The biggest frog in the wild is the Goliath frog, hence its name Goliath.

What is the biggest Goliath frog ever recorded?

The biggest Goliath frog ever recorded was 32 centimeters long and weighed up to 3.25 kgs.

Are there giant frogs?

Yes, giant frogs are available in the world, with the Goliath frog being a perfect example. This frog can hit a maximum of 13 inches and weigh up to 3.3 lbs. Other giant frog species include the African bullfrog, American bullfrog, Mountain chicken frog, etc.

When it comes to the fascinating world of frogs, size is a remarkable aspect to explore. If you’re interested in learning about the largest frogs in the world, you might find our guides on do frogs have ears and do frogs have tails intriguing as well. Our article on do frogs have ears delves into the auditory capabilities of frogs and explores how they perceive sound. Additionally, if you’re curious about the anatomy of frogs, our guide on do frogs have tails provides insights into the presence or absence of tails in different frog species. By exploring these guides, you’ll gain a better understanding of the unique characteristics and diversity of frogs.


That’s it for our list of the largest frogs in the world. Goliath Frog remains the king of all frogs. The largest goliath frog ever caught was 12.6 inches long and weighed up to 3.3 lbs heavy. The frog is native to Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon rainforests.

Other largest frogs in the world that share the list with the King Frog include giant river frogs, smoky jungle frogs, African bullfrogs, American bullfrogs, Blyth’s river frogs, lake Junín frogs, Chilean helmeted bullfrogs, and  Surinam horned frogs. We hope that this list has helped you identify the biggest frogs in the world.

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