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Raining Frogs: Unveiling The Truth Behind Frogs Falling From The Sky

Raining Frogs

Animals raining from the sky is not a common meteorological phenomenon. However, reports of animals such as frogs, spiders, and fish raining from the sky have existed since ancient times.

So then, what is raining frogs? Well, raining frogs is a phenomenon in which these small creatures are sucked up into drafts or waterspouts. The frogs are then deposited into land during a downpour. This makes people think it is literally raining frogs.

But wait, that’s not all! There are other meanings of this phrase. So, read on to find out, including all the places where the raining frogs have been reported. 

What Does Raining Frogs Mean?

As the name suggests, raining frogs mean the phenomenon of these animals falling from the sky when it is raining. This does not only happen with frogs but also with other low-weight animals like:

  • Fish like starfish and jellyfish
  • Birds
  • Spiders and lizards
  • Toads
  • Other marine animals like octopuses
  • Worms and insects
What Does Raining Frogs Mean

However, raining frogs does not literally mean the animals fall from the sky like rainwater does. This is because no one, not even scientists, has ever seen frogs vaporize into the air before a major rainstorm.

Raining frogs also has a different meaning in literature. In fact, it is used metaphorically in everyday conversations and movies to mean something unexpected is about to happen. It is similar to the phrase, raining cats and dogs, which means heavy rainfall. 

So, what is the biblical meaning of raining frogs? The rain of frogs in the bible portrays forgiveness and redemption. In the Book of Exodus, God cast down a rain of frogs on the Egyptians because they refused to free the Israelites. However, during that time, the frogs did not fall out of the sky but came from the rivers and ponds.

What Causes Raining Frogs?

Since frogs do not fall from the sky like rainwater, what causes the raining frogs? Well, the most common causes include the following:

What Causes Raining Frogs

Strong Winds in a Hurricane

Typically, the strong winds in a hurricane are powerful enough to haul up heavy objects like houses, trees, and even people. Therefore, they can suck up an army of frogs from a water body during a rainstorm and rain them elsewhere. After all, most frogs only weigh between 0.5 and 7.2 lbs. 

Tornadic Waterspouts

According to the National Ocean Service, tornadic waterspouts usually form over the water and move to the land or vice versa. These waterspouts are associated with thunderstorms and are often accompanied by large hail and high winds.  

When this tornado occurs, the waterspout usually sucks up light-weight creatures in the water body, like frogs, and carries them into the atmosphere. Over time, the waterspout loses its pressure and energy as it travels over the land. This causes the clouds to release rain while the storm sets free the frogs it had picked up.

Where Have Raining Frogs Been Reported and When

The frogs’ rainfall has been reported throughout history. Some of the common places these incidences have occurred include:

Where Have Raining Frogs Been Reported

1. Kansas City

This is one of the first places to have experienced raining frogs. The incident occurred in July 1873 during a small tornado that had formed on a nearby lake.

2. Calgary, Canada

In August 1921, frogs rained out of the sky in Calgary on 11 Avenue. This happened during a severe rainstorm. The neighborhood cats feasted on them.

3. Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

In the UK, the first raining frog incident occurred in June 1954 at Sutton Park. It started with the sky growing dark, followed by a big downpour that deposited thousands of small frogs at the park.

4. Stroud and Cirencester, UK

Back in 1987, hundreds of pink frogs rained down in Stroud and Cirencester. This happened on two distinct occasions within a range of two weeks. 

5. Croydon, South London

This incident occurred in March 1998 during an early morning rainstorm. A distressed lady called the Metro office to report a flock of dead frogs in her garden and the surroundings. Her story was backed up by a local man walking his dog.

6. Odzaci, Serbia

In June 2005, it also rained thousands of frogs in a small town in Northwestern, Serbia. This was reported in the Library of Congress. The frogs were brought by strong winds and storm clouds. However, it did not rain much, and the frogs survived the fall.

7. Rakoczifalva, Hungary

So far, there have been at least two documented occurrences of raining frogs in Rakoczifalva. Both occurred in June 2010, a few days apart. Residents reported to have heard a loud noise, followed by an abrupt rainstorm of hundreds of frogs from the sky.

8. Wimbledon, South West London

In August 2017, people in Wimbledon reported to have been plagued by frogs raining down from the sky.

Any Dangers of Raining Frogs On The Environment?

Yes. For example, raining frogs can impact the populations of their predators, such as birds, snakes, skunks, raccoons, foxes, hawks, and owls. When the frogs fall from the sky, they could attract these animals in the neighborhood, and some can be dangerous. After all, they are wild animals.

Any Dangers of Raining Frogs On The Environment

Another danger of raining frogs is they can carry diseases and spread them to humans. Like other amphibians and reptiles, frogs also bear a bacteria called salmonella. The bacteria can cause illnesses like salmonellosis in people through direct or indirect contact with the frogs. 

The phenomenon of it ‘raining frogs’ is but one of the many marvels that showcase the incredible world of amphibians. While this event offers a surprising insight into their behavior, frogs are also a visual spectacle in nature. Their vibrant appearances are not just for show; each hue and pattern serves a purpose. Delve into the world of colorful frogs to witness a range of dazzling amphibians that will leave you in awe. And if you’re keen on understanding the science behind these vivid displays, our comprehensive guide on frog colors breaks down the reasons for their diverse colorations and patterns.


Below, we will respond to commonly asked queries regarding frogs falling from the sky during a downpour.

Q. Can you touch raining frogs with your hands?

Yes, you can. However, your hands should be wet when handling them to reduce stress since they don’t like being handled. It is also advisable to wear non-powdered disposable gloves to protect yourself from salmonella.

Q. Are raining frogs the same as rain frogs?

No. They have different meanings. Raining frogs are associated with falling from the sky and can be any type of frog. On the other hand, the latter is a specific frog species typically found in Africa’s wet forests and grasslands.

Q. Are raining frogs usually dead or alive?

Sometimes the frogs may be alive and other times dead. The height from which these frogs fall and the strength of the tornado determine if they survive or die. 


Raining frogs can mean different things depending on the context. Their meanings differ in the bible, literature, and meteorology. However, the typical explanations involve the frogs falling from the sky during a tornado.

With that said, the incidences of raining frogs have been reported in many countries across the globe since 1873. Now, while raining frog cases are rare, they pose some dangers to the environment when they occur.

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