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Pregnant African Dwarf Frog – An Overall Guide

Pregnant African Dwarf Frog

If you put a female and a male frog together, they will likely look for a way to breed. Moreover, the African dwarf frog requires specific water conditions to breed and for laying eggs.

But how would you identify a pregnant African dwarf frog? Well, pregnant frogs can sometimes be confused with the bloated conditions of the frog. However, the female African dwarf frog that will lay eggs tends to have a fat abdomen with changes in behavior and eating conditions. 

Identifying the pregnant frog from the sick frog is necessary to treat them according to their need. Otherwise, you might ignore their conditions, which may lead to adverse health effects in them. Now, let’s take a look at the detailed information on the pregnant African dwarf frog.

How Do I Tell If My African Dwarf Frog Is Pregnant?

‘Gravid’ is the word for addressing the pregnant frog condition. Because they do not get pregnant; rather, they carry eggs. And when it’s the right time, the frog will lay the eggs. However, there are certain signs that the frog will show when it is pregnant or about to lay eggs. Now, let’s check them out. 

How Do I Tell If My African Dwarf Frog Is Pregnant


Like other species, only the female African dwarf frog can get pregnant. And if you are keeping a frog and unaware of their gender, you might consider them pregnant when they become fat. But it may not be the case because if the frog is a male, it is not pregnant. 

Moreover, frogs are prone to bloating. So, they might be bloated, and you might ignore the situation. 

African Dwarf Frog Gender

Apart from that, if there is no male frog in the tank, it is not possible for the female frog to get pregnant. 

  • The female frog only reproduces in the presence of the male frog. 
  • As a result, you must first determine that the frog is female. 
  • Female African dwarf frogs have a bigger tail buttock than male frogs. 
  • Accordingly, females are often bigger in size, with a more noticeable butt. 
  • Males, on the other hand, are smaller and may not have a noticeable buttock.  
  • Afterward, you need to observe the conditions in the female frog to know whether they are pregnant or not.

Getting Big 

The female frog can lay about 2500 eggs at a time. Similarly, the African dwarf frog can also carry a large amount of eggs. This will make them seem bigger than usual. 

Moreover, the frog may not lay each egg at a time. Instead, the number of eggs they will lay depends on their amplexus with a male frog. Moreover, they may take a break between laying eggs.

Large Abdomen

As the female African dwarf frog carries a huge number of eggs, its abdomen becomes larger. Well, it can also be a sign of a bloated frog accompanied by other factors as well. 

Apart from that, excess fat accumulates in the stomach of the frog. As a result, it makes the stomach look big. 

African Dwarf Frog Large Abdomen

Changed Behavior

The eating behavior of the female frog changes when it’s pregnant. They lose their appetite and eat less than usual. 

In some species of frog, shedding skin or color changes are displayed. But, it is unlikely to occur in the African dwarf frog. 

Besides, male frogs will constantly roam around the female frogs and hug them. It’s the most prominent sign that can ensure whether the female frog is pregnant or not.


The mating process in the frog is termed amplexus. In mating conditions, the male frog grabs the female frog tightly. And stimulates the female frog to lay eggs. The female frog will swim to the surface water to lay the eggs.

Then, the male frog releases the sperm and fertilizes the egg. This whole process is called amplexus. You will notice this condition when the frog is pregnant and about to lay off eggs. 

How Long Does The African Dwarf Frog Stay Pregnant?

How Long Does The African Dwarf Frog Stay Pregnant

Well, from 9 months of age, the African dwarf frog is capable of producing eggs. But it will only lay an egg when the male frog is present. Without the male frog, the female frog can never be pregnant and carry eggs. 

Afterward, the male frog will force the female frogs to lay eggs, which can be fertilized. That’s how they reproduce. The pregnancy period does not have any specific time, but 2-4 weeks is the assumed duration of the pregnancy period. 

How Do You Take Care Of A Pregnant African Dwarf Frog?

During pregnancy, the female African dwarf frog becomes fragile. But their movements are not slowed down. You have to take extra care during this meantime to ensure their good health. Let’s take a look at the conditions that should be maintained in the tank when the frog is pregnant. 

How Do You Take Care Of A Pregnant African Dwarf Frog

Tank Condition

Maintain the water’s temperature to give the frog a comfort zone. You can place warm water of 85 degrees Celsius in the tank. First, lower almost 2-4 inches of water level and pour in warm water. Keep this water condition throughout the frog’s pregnancy. 

Tank Cleanliness

Tank should be cleaned frequently to prevent infections in the frog. Change the water in the tank daily if possible. This will ensure their good and safe health. 

How Do You Take Care Of A Pregnant African Dwarf Frog


During the pregnancy period, the female frog avoids eating too much food. At that time, you have to provide them nutritious feed. Because they not only need to eat well but also need nutrition for their body as they are carrying eggs. 

Fish pellets, krill, shrimp, blood worms, small fish, and pellet food should be given to them. This will fasten the spawning period and keep the frogs healthy. 


Before we wrap things up, let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions.

Q1. Do African dwarf frogs eat their offspring?

Yes, African dwarf frogs might eat their offspring. This can happen if you keep the eggs close to the frog. Rather take the eggs out after they are fertilized and move them to another tank. 

Q2. Do female African dwarf frogs lay unfertilized eggs? 

Yes, the female frogs lay unfertilized eggs and male sperm is needed to fertilize them. The fertilization process is external and generally occurs on the tank’s surface.

Q3. Do all the eggs that the female African dwarf frog lays get fertilized?

No. Not all the eggs that the female frog lays may get fertilized. It depends on the sperm and the condition of the water tank if the egg will get fertilized or not. Generally, some eggs get fertilized within 24 hours, while some may die. 


Overall, pregnant African dwarf frogs show different conditions than bloated dwarf frogs. But it is easier to distinguish between them. No matter what, if the frog is pregnant or bloated, you need to take good care of them. 

If you do not want your frogs to reproduce, simply avoid placing the male and female frogs together. Apart from that, the tadpoles tend to get eaten by the small species so there is less chance of overcrowding the tank with frogs. 

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